Thursday, September 25, 2014

Drools 6 : Environment Setup in Eclipse Kepler

1.       Download from
2.       Download from
3.       Create folder drools with droolsjbpm, jbpm and jars subfolders in Local_Drive.
4.       Extract into C:/drools/droolsjbpm folder.
5.       Extract into C:/drools/jbpm folder.
6.       Download or Copy following jars into C:/drools/jars folder.
7.       Open Eclipse.
8.       Select Help à Install New Software
9.       Enter “Drools -” in Work with and select Add and Ok.
10.   Check ‘Drools and jBPM’ click Next and Finish.
11.   Select Window à Preferences à  Drools à Installed Drools Runtimes
12.   Click Add and Enter Drools 6 Runtime and C:\drools\droolsjbpm\binaries for Name and Path.
13.   Click Ok and Check Drools 6 Runtime and Apply and Ok.
14.   Select Window à Preferences à jBPM à Installed jBPM Runtimes
15.   Click Add and Enter jBPM 6 Runtime and C:\drools\jbpm for Name and Path
16.   Click Ok and Check jBPM 6 Runtime and Apply and Ok.
17.   Restart the eclipse.

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