Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Design Pattern: NullObject

Null Object Pattern is one of good pattern used to avoid NullPointerException.
Null Object is not ‘null’ i.e. it is not default value used for object references.

We use the null condtion to check the value is null or not null to avoid Null Pointer Exception But it is not a proper solution because we need to add this check whereever we call a method on our object.
I.e. we need to null check for each object before making the calls finally, unnecessary code and unnecessary checks will be added in our program.

Create an object that will do nothing whenever nothing is available for reference.

Let’s see the implementation:

public interface Animal {
    public void makeSound();

Dog: Actual Animal
public class Dog implements Animal {
    public void makeSound() {

NullAnimal: Default Animal
public class NullAnimal implements Animal {
    public void makeSound() {

When we know actual animal then we will create that animal class if not applicable we will create NullAnimal with default and it will not do anything.

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